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There have been more times than I am proud to mention where I’ve spent hours locked in bathrooms crying at how much of a failure I felt rather than the expert I longed to be; where I’ve spent too many nights lying awake at 3am wondering where the hell all my clients were; and where I’ve had emails and social media posts go un-noticed.

Like you, I’ve sat looking at an email list and a social media following that’s not growing. Avoiding my stagnant bank account and serving 1 or 2 inconsistent clients. 

I’ve even had two businesses that failed within their first years.

I have been at the sucky end of business.  No income, no clients, no visibility, no plan and no idea how to turn it round.  But I’ve also seen the other end; where you wake up every day excited by what lies ahead, an engaged audience, daily messages from clients sharing their own results and a business that is thriving.

But for a long time it wasn’t all sunshine and sparkles.   

I was presenting myself as a powerful, sharp business woman (complete with suit and stiletto heels) because that is what I thought my potential clients wanted. In all honesty, I would have been happier with skinny jeans and wedges.  I was acting and pretending.  I was like an 8 year old girl playing dress up in my Mum’s clothes – playing at being a business owner.  I had pretty business cards and an attractive website; I was posting sales letters like they were going out of fashion and I sat at my fancy computer drinking cups of coffee waiting for my email to ping and the phone to ring.

I made no connections, I built no relationships; I didn’t have an engaged audience which meant I had no clients.  And that meant no business.   Just a glorified (and expensive) hobby.

Twice I failed.  Twice I left a business I longed to be a success because I had not worked out that magic formula every other business owner seemed to have.

I went back and forth between having a business and returning to a corporate job; but leaving my children in childcare, seeing them for a quick 30 minutes every day, feeling exhausted all the time and frustrated that I wasn’t making an impact other than lining the pockets of shareholders was not the path I wanted to continue on.

I longed to have a business where I had an engaged audience who saw me as their expert and who wanted to work with me without me having to sell like a used car salesman.  I wanted a business that I was truly passionate about, that was fun, enjoyable AND made a profit.  So whilst I saw raised eyebrows at the mere mention of a third attempt, I went at it lock, stock and barrel.

I learnt lessons the (very) hard way, but I was also passionate, skilled and experienced about what I wanted to do and nothing was going to stop me from building a business based on my passion, that meant I was making a difference to others and spending quality time with my family. 

And whilst some say it’s third time lucky.  I don’t agree. I took action, did the work and made it happen. 

My seventeen years of corporate marketing and communications experience working for some of the World’s largest corporations (including Vodafone, HSBC and Lexus) coupled with the lessons I learnt through my two previous businesses means I now have the life I was dreaming about.

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